Battle Auto Scent Spray

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Battle Auto Scent Spray


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Scent Sprays are alcohol-free air fresheners and odor neutralizers. These make your vehicle's interior smell damn good as the bad odors are being neutralized. Use on car seats, carpets, and ceiling.

Each comes in a 4 ounce fine mist spray bottle

Fragrance Guide:

Bubble Gum - Classic pink bubble gum.
Coffee Shop - Dark roasted coffee.
Jet Black - Elegant evening cologne.
Deep Blue - Sporty daytime cologne.
Ex Girlfriend - Smells like that girl you still think about.
Juicy Fruits - Mouthwatering fruit flavored chewing gum.
MILF - Smells like that rich cougar at the gym.
Private Reserve - Smooth woodsy cologne.
Seaside Lavender - Relaxing lavender with ocean notes.
Send Nudes - (War Beard Scent) Our most popular cologne fragrance.
Vegas Stripper - If you've paid for a lap dance you already know how this smells.

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  • Bubble Gum - 100% in stock
  • Coffee Shop - 88% in stock
  • Jet Black - 72% in stock
  • Deep Blue - 76% in stock
  • Ex Girlfriend - 60% in stock
  • MILF - 72% in stock
  • Private Reserve - 60% in stock
  • Seaside Lavender - 72% in stock
  • Send Nudes - 88% in stock
  • Vegas Stripper - 96% in stock